About Stated Clearly

We at Stated Clearly are in love with the scientific process and the art of critical thinking. As Carl Sagan once said, “When you’re in love, you want to tell the world.”

We feel that an enhanced ability to think critically and ask probing questions will enable people not only to become better scientists (if they one day chose to be scientists), but will also aid them in every aspect of life from work and politics, to family life and personal relationships.

Our Mission

Our mission is simple: to promote the art of critical thinking by exposing people from all walks of life, to the simple beauty of science.

We do this by taking complicated scientific topics like “What is DNA and how does it work” and creating short, information rich animations that explain the topic in clear language.

Genetics and Evolution

Our first video series covers the interrelated topics of Genetics and Evolution. We feel these are the most powerfully engaging subjects that can be studied and understood through the scientific process. They have huge potential to excite curiosity and help people develop their analytical minds.

Genetics and Evolution are two topics which are greatly misunderstood by the American public and the world. Genetics is often considered too complicated to bother studying, and Evolution is often rejected for perceived conflicts with personal beliefs. Both topics have been butchered by the media and popular culture which adds tremendously to the public’s confusion.

Our Plan

We are creating a series of YouTube videos on Genetics and Evolution. Each video acts as a stand alone explanation of a specific subtopic but can also be watched in sequence to act as a complete introductory course.

There is a small list of core videos we are creating which together, explain the fundamentals of Genetics and Evolution. These are videos like “What is a Gene?” and “What is Natural Selection”.

We have created a number of videos already, are building more at the moment, and are currently searching for funding to complete others. We accept donations and are also selling “Brought to you by” ad space in selected videos.

Click here to see a tentative list of future videos



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