Our Mission Is Simple

To promote critical thinking and a love for exploration by introducing the public to the scientific process. We do this through information‑rich animations that explain scientific topics with friendly language and illustrations.

Jon speaking in Washington D.C.

Biological Evolution Is Our Focus

Jon Perry founded the Stated Clearly project to promote a better understanding of biological evolution. This topic is often misunderstood and even rejected by the public. Stated Clearly animations and articles aim to explain the science in clear language that everyone can understand, and in a friendly tone, sensitive to the cultural and religious beliefs that viewers may hold. The basic principles of biology should be freely accessible to all, independent of race, age, gender, creed, or level of education.

Science Is For Everyone

All of our animations are published freely to be used by teachers and students without barriers. Many of our animations are now available in Spanish and Arabic. This is only possible because of support through small grants and continual financial contributions from our viewers who support us on Patreon. If you find our work valuable, please consider contributing to our project.

We can learn from books and videos, we can learn from parents and teachers, but best of all, we can learn by carefully observing the world and then using our brains to discover how aspects of it work.
Founder & Educator

Jon Perry

As both an educator and artist, Jon believed he could combine his skills to produce animations that would make scientific concepts more approachable and easier for people to share. His first animation What is DNA and How Does it Work? received overwhelming response and marked the inception of a greater project, Stated Clearly.

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Meet Our
Production Team

These are the folks who help make Stated Clearly.

Science Advisors

Scientists and educators from around the world have volunteered their time to provide expert guidance to us as we produce our animations. We love to meet fellow science enthusiasts and we are pleased to have encouragement from these great people.

  • Varinia Acosta, DVM
  • Suhail Alhejji
  • Ara Apkarian, PhD
  • Venkat Bommisetty, PhD
  • Brian Cafferty, PhD
  • Nicholas Casewell, PhD
  • Tom Cochran
  • David O. Conover, PhD
  • Jessica Creveling, PhD
  • David Deamer, PhD
  • Philip D. Gingerich, PhD
  • Jay T. Goodwin, PhD
  • Beatrice H. Hahn, MD
  • Wilson Ho, PhD
  • Nicholas V. Hud, PhD
  • Adam Kent, PhD
  • Ram Krishnamurthy, PhD
  • Joonhee Lee, PhD
  • David Lynn, PhD
  • Kini R Manjunatha, PhD
  • Patricia Marsteller, PhD
  • Joanna Masel, PhD
  • Nancy Miorelli, MSc
  • PZ Myers, PhD
  • Eric T. Parker, PhD
  • Christopher Parsons, MSc
  • Eric Potma, PhD
  • Joy S. Reidenberg, PhD
  • Johana Revel, PhD
  • Allan Savory
  • J.G.M. Hans Thewissen, PhD
  • Danielle Watt, PhD
  • Stuart West, PhD
  • Michael Worobey, PhD
  • Jianzhi "George" Zhang, PhD

Education Partners

We are proud to have the support of these esteemed organizations, and we look forward to more collaborative opportunities in expanding science education.

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