I have spoken at conferences around the United States, Canada, and Ecuador. Traveling is a blast and I love to meet other science enthusiasts! Please reach out and tell me about your event, I look forward to learning more about it.

Past Events
Tell me about your event
  • What talk topic would you like to hear about?
  • What kind of audience will attend? (Students? General public? Age ranges?)
  • How many attendees are you expecting at the event?
  • Have you invited other speakers whose talk topics might overlap with mine?
What about debates?

I have done debates in the past and am happy to do more in the future on any subject covered in my animations. If possible, debates should be in person with a live audience (online is acceptable if travel is unreasonable). The debate must have a neutral moderator. You may record or stream the debate online (I probably will as well). The time allotted should be 2.5 hours or less. To maximize the educational value of the event, the debate must be set up in the following question/answer format:

  • When scheduling the debate, tell me which Stated Clearly animation(s) you want to discuss and send up to 3 questions about specific statements made in the animation(s). A question might look like this: “Jon, at 1:04 you say that point mutations can produce new genetic information. How is that so if they don’t increase the length an organism’s genome?”
  • The debate will start by showing the full animation in question.
  • You will then ask your first question. With it, you may take up to 20 minutes explaining why you don’t agree with the statement in the animation.
  • The moderator will then allow me up to 20 minutes to respond, then we move on to question 2, and so on.
  • If time is left after getting through all 3 questions, the audience can ask follow-up questions on anything said in the debate.

My standard rate for an event is $1,800 plus travel expenses. This fee is open to negotiation for schools and non-profit organizations who may need part of the fee to be waived.

I currently live in Montreal but visit the Portland Oregon area about once a year.

If you would like me to skype/zoom into a classroom to talk to high school or middle school students about a specific Stated Clearly animation, I’m happy to do that for free (time permitted) so long as questions are given to me ahead of time.

Please schedule events at least 40 days in advance.

Press Kit

To help with your announcements and marketing, I have prepared a press kit with everything you may need.