What you should know

Airfare, ground transportation, and accommodation must be covered, plus an honorarium. I’m a freelancer—not backed by any company, so spending time traveling is something I can’t afford to do all the time. Travel costs must be provided in advance, not reimbursed.

Fees are open to negotiation, especially for non-profit events. I am fortunate to be busy, so the sooner you get in touch regarding your request, the better.

To help with your announcements and marketing, I have prepared a press kit with everything you may need.

Tell me about your event
  • What talk topic would you like to hear about?
  • What kind of audience will attend? (Students? General public? Age ranges?)
  • How many attendees are you expecting at the event?
  • Have you invited other speakers whose talk topics might overlap with mine?

I have spoken at conferences around the United States, Canada, and Ecuador. Traveling is a blast and I love to meet other science enthusiasts! Please reach out and tell me about your event, I look forward to learning more about it.