Next Generation Science Standards
Jon Perry

Stated Clearly Animations Are Now NGSS‑Aligned!

Teachers can easily see which Stated Clearly animations can be used to teach specific core ideas within the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS).

If you teach high school science and use the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS), you’ve probably wondered which Stated Clearly animations align with which standards. Thanks to a grant by the National Science Foundation’s Center for Chemical Evolution, all of our animations are now NGSS-aligned!

Animations are fully sortable by high school science standards for NGSS and Georgia State. We hope to do middle school standards in the near future but they are not available yet.

To sort our videos by science standard, just click “For Teachers” in the navigation bar of our website. Select the grade range you teach (high school is the only one currently available), then select the specific discipline you are teaching (Life Science 1 or Physical Science 3 and so on). You will then see all the videos relevant to the Next Generation Science Standards within that discipline.

The NGSS Team

This NGSS-alignment project was spearheaded by Christopher Parsons, director of education, outreach, and diversity at the Center for Chemical Evolution. Georgia high school teacher, Kameron Farrow, helped assign animations to the appropriate standards. Jeremiah Deasey of Upheaval Design then built the interactive search function on our website.

If you have any issues with the search tool, please let us know from our contact page. The original spread sheet is also available if desired.

Enjoy this new feature and share it with as many teachers as you can!



This article is the result of collaboration between scientists, educators, and our team of creatives.

  • Christopher Parsons, MSc
  • Jeremiah Deasey